My world in 22 Songs

The Blue Light Frequency Experience


Together with his band The Frequencies

Ruben takes you on a roller coaster ride around the world and shares some of his exciting adventures.

Dancing salsa in Puerto Rico, swimming in clear blue waters in French Polynesia or that one night in Rio…
Ruben also shares personal stories with his audience with songs like Quiet Alone,

where he opens up about his relationship ending.

For Cruise Industry

SSS optie 2.jpg

Sweet Summer Soul


This is a high uptempo show with some of your favorite sweet soul classics. Ruben will have you dancing and swinging to James Brown, sing along to the oldies from Stevie Wonder and leave you amazed with his rendition of Whitney Houston's super hit 

"How will I know"




Souled Out is the intimate show, where Ruben gets up close and personal and shares more of his original songs and the stories behind them.